Heather (heatherpantss) wrote in effexored,


I began withdrawaling from 300 mgs of Effexor XR in the middle of December, and stopped at the beginning of February. I went from 75 mgs to zero. I had pretty extreme withdrawal symptoms for approximately 10 days, and then I started feeling better.

That is, with the exception of headaches. It's been about two months since I've had any Effexor, and I'm still getting headaches. I figured withdrawals would last a few weeks, but not two months.

I'm wondering, for those who have - how long did your withdrawals last? I'm hoping it IS withdrawals because before December, I RARELY got headaches. I would occasionally get them if I cried uncontrollably or was under stress trying to finish a paper by a certain time, but other than that, I have never been one to get headaches.

I just hope it's not something else.

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