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question and random boughts of appreciation

  Hey guys, 

I'm having this weird sleeping habit where i'll go to sleep, feel completely rested, wake up periodically throughout the night, but not really be sleeping. I'll wake up fine and not groggy, like this morning i felt like i had napped for like 30 mins instead of gone to bed for the night.  Does any one else get that? Like they have not completely fallen asleep but still waking up fine the next day? The only reason why I'm concerned about this is because I'm not really sure if i slept last night haha... is that normal? This is day two at the lowest dosage with effexor. 

This stuff makes me feel wired, like I've downed 10 cups of coffee. I get slight jitters. I feel like if i step out the door I'm going to jump out of my skin. I'm alot more alert than usual... 

Ive just got to say communities like these are a god send. I feel so much more secure now that i can talk about my concerns and relate to other peoples experiences. This is amazing guys, thanks for developing this community...
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I've had BOTH problems. The first...where I'm not sure if I've been asleep. And the second...where my dreams are so vivid I wake up not knowing where the hell I am...and then have a "Holy Crap" moment as I realize I was JUST dreaming.

So long as you're not having excessive daytime sleepiness. Or cognitive problems from lack of sleep...I wouldn't worry too much...and just put it down to one of the more bizarre effects of Effexor.

If you're only on day two...your side-effects may change as your dosage ramps up. I didn't get into the "extremely vivid dreams" until my fourth week. Then I went Go-karting with Henry Rollins and my childhood dog Pal some nights...interspersed with extremely embarassing sexual dreams about a co-worker. Who probably wondered why I avoided him for two weeks until I got used to the meds!!